• Marvel Flooring – video March 18, 2018
  • What makes our flooring so special? March 9, 2018

    Our super hero flooring is not just absolutely amazing to look at, but it also posses the quality that one would expect from such a premium floor.

    • Patented protected scratch resistant high gloss layer offering stunning reflections
    • Water resistant
    • Easy installation click fit system
    • Impact resistant
    • Allergy free
    • A round edge finish giving a seamless transition between panels
    • Fade resistant

  • How it all began…From concept to reality February 25, 2018

    It began with a vision over two years ago, Exklusiv is a fusion between breaking away from the common concept of brown wood effect flooring and making your floor a talking point for visitors to your home.

    We have officially partnered with Marvel to bring you this very unique and ground breaking flooring, not available any where else.

    Marvel were our first choice of partners due to the explosion in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Comics are in trend and have been so for many years. Whether you are a child or adult, super heroes resonate with everyone and are timeless, hence the reason we have used Marvel Retro comic covers as our artwork.

    There is no better way to bring your super heroes to life than adding a high gloss functional and scratch resistant surface.

    Due to its rich heritage of quality and production, we chose Germany as our country of manufacturing.

  • A very unique flooring February 25, 2018

    Often when purchasing anything super hero related for your home, you are likely to find high repetition rate of the art work. For example Marvel bedding or wallpaper repeats its pattern very often which can contribute to the fact the user gets bored of the item very quickly.

    At Exklusiv, in order to make our floor unique we wanted as little repeat of artwork as possible.

    How did we do this? We created artwork to ensure over 35 unique panels. This means in a typical average sized room there is likely to be very little repeat if any. The panels are packed randomly.

    We are often are asked the question ‘How does the artwork flow across the individual panels?’

    The answer is simple, the superhero artwork has been created in a layered and non-uniform manner. This ensures that each panel can be laid independent of one another.

    The following shows images of some of our individual floor panels.

    Exklusiv Flooring – flooring artwork, 1 of four. There are 4 of these artwork compositions each consisting of 10 unique panels shown by the pink key-line. Super, eh?


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