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What is your return policy?

Returns & Refunds
If you want to return your flooring product for an exchange or refund, you can do so at any time up to 30 days after receiving it. Please note that we only ask that more than 1 box cannot be opened. Once we have received the flooring back at our warehouse then a full refund will be issued.

Damaged products
If your delivery shows any signs of damage then this must be IMMEDIATELY reported to the delivery driver and noted on the delivery note BEFORE signing. You will then need to notify us of the damage within 3 days of delivery. If damage is reported AFTER your delivery has been signed for then claims may not be accepted.

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Does your product scratch easily?

Unless you’re the Incredible Hulk and use excessive force, our gloss layered flooring will stand the test of time. We recommend that no sharp edges come into contact with flooring. All superheroes have weaknesses and our panels are no different but with proper care they can save the day. Our flooring is approved for use in light commercial environments and medium-heavy traffic residential environments.

Care should be taken to protect it from extremely heavy furniture with sharp edges, as just like any standard laminate floor it can be damaged from sharp corners/dropped heavy items. We recommend using rubber pads on furniture/chair legs.

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Do you provide beading/edging?

As beading/edging is often fitted using Thor’s hammer and some nails, a high gloss finish is not suitable as a lacquer surface of a high gloss will be prone to chipping upon installation. We suggest using a plane finish beading/edging to maintain the best possible finish.