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Marvel Flooring

We’ve always thought flooring lacks some punch. Shades of wood, beige carpet – these are the flooring options of mere mortals. No longer. Now you can have flooring worthy of Asgard, and make your home come to life with your favourite Marvel comics.

EXKLUSiV’s floor panels have the strength of the Hulk and the patented technology of Stark Enterprises. They’re scratch resistant and have a high-gloss finish, helping Marvel’s superheroes to shine brighter than ever. We’ve designed this flooring for true believers so their passion can touch every part of their home; the art is lifted direct from the covers and inside pages from classic Marvel comics. Spot those iconic, historic covers and panels while walking around your own hidden lair.

Avengers, assemble it! Our easy-to-install panels mean you can put on your DIY cape and install the flooring yourself, whether you want to deck out your living room, collector’s room or entertainment room. All our panels have been designed to slot together easily – no need to bring in any Heroes For Hire – and when you’re putting it all together, you’ll notice our true attention to detail as the panels have rounded edges giving an authentic comic book feel.

We love Marvel just as much as you do, which is why we’ve been careful to make the best product possible, not just from a design perspective but a quality one, too. Show off your passion with pride knowing you’ve brought something that’ll stand the test of time – just like the MCU. Truly Fantastic Floors.

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Product details

  • Official © Marvel product
    We’ve teamed up with The Avengers and the team at © Marvel to bring you this unique comic book floor.

  • Engineered in Germany
    Designed and made in the captial of innovations – with a seal of approval from Stark Enterprises.

  • Patented technology
    The high gloss scratch resistant coating is patent protected, suitable for domestic use and superhero footfall.

Over 35 individual board designs

Because we love comics, we wanted to squeeze as many into the design, so we created a seamless floor made up of over 35 individual boards, all featuring your favourite superheroes from the classic Marvel Comic books. See all the artwork here

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Are you ready to create your own superhero lair and join us in our journey?